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Hello friends.  Please stay awhile and enjoy one of my horror stories.  This site will feature semi-regular updates that include short scary stories and some science fiction, which you can read FREE. 

I am an aspiring author who hopes to build a community of people who enjoy what I do, so please share my fiction with your friends online and sign up for alerts about new stories going up.  Comments are welcome – each story has gone through at least a few drafts, but sometimes the rind is hard to peel off.  If you’ve got something to add, lay it on me.  My stories don’t shy away from violence or sex, but neither do they indulge in them.  There are plenty of sites where you can shock yourself senseless, but you won’t find that here, thanks.  I’m also not big on tired genre creatures like vampires, zombies, and werewolves.  If one ever makes an appearance it will be extremely rare and, hopefully, special. 

There are a lot of delicious, unsettling ideas skittering around in here and I’d love to uncage them with you.  So please, visit the Short Stories page and enjoy!

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